My name is Sydney Taylor and I’m a rising junior Economics major, French and Business Administration double minor at Howard University. At school, I serve as the Treasurer for a Sports and Entertainment organization and I am also a mentor for first generation college students through a club called HU Imprint. Through the Greenwood Project, I am interning on the trading floor at the Chicago Board Options Exchange with Angela Miles of Business First AM this summer.

At Business First AM, I am analyzing social media analytics, assisting with show production, and helping develop marketing strategies to increase viewership. This week, I have analyzed and recorded the changes in social media analytics over the past week, gathered B-roll to insert in show segments, and utilized different marketing strategies on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to both increase viewers and help diversify the show’s audience. I was also able to book a guest to be interviewed for a segment of the show called “Women at Work”, where the guest will be speaking on her experiences in finance and in Corporate America in general.


My goal for the summer is to increase my level of professionalism and learn how to navigate throughout Corporate America. I would also like to learn as much about the finance industry as I can and explore the different career opportunities offered in finance. Greenwood has helped me learn much more about the knowledge and skills that are essential in the workforce, such as learning how to navigate LinkedIn, developing better public speaking skills, and much more. I’ve also learned that the finance industry is multi-faceted and that there are many different opportunities in finance, such as working in media or marketing for financial firms; in fact, a career in finance can also help lead a person to entrepreneurship.

Overall, Greenwood has helped me to open my eyes to the different career possibilities that are available despite a person’s background. The skills and knowledge given to us from Bevon are priceless and have certainly had a great impact on the development of my current goals and aspirations.