Hi, my name is Robert Whitmore IV, and I am a rising Junior at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. I am currently majoring in Global Wealth & Poverty with a focus in East Africa. I have a strong interest in International Business and Economic Development concerning Tanzania & Kenya, in hopes of supporting local poverty reduction initiatives.


This summer, I have had the pleasure to intern with Greenwood Projects partner, Sumo Capital, in the Accounts Receivable Department. sumocapital_web_v1.png

Duties of the internship include; Supporting the firm’s aim to increase the efficiency of bookkeeping by using my knowledge of GAAP. Leveraging the billing data from the more detailed accounting software, QuickBooks.

Additionally, while working under the Financial Operation Manager, I am continually increasing my familiarity with Microsoft Excel, and how it’s functions & formulas may be used to increase scalability, also aiding in accounting efficiency.


Overall, I’ve really enjoyed my experience at Sumo. The hands-on work and the welcoming staff allow me to not only see how my work is valuable, but it has also helped me gain a general understanding of the firm’s role in trading. I am excited to continue assisting in Sumo’s growth for the duration of this summer while learning at the same time.