My name is Brian Miller Jr and I am a rising Senior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign majoring in Agricultural Consumer Economics with a concentration in Finance and Agri-Business. I am a Greenwood Scholar and a Compliance Intern at the National Futures Association. Before I joined the Greenwood Project I was involved with a few clubs and organizations on campus but I felt that I needed to learn more about the financial industry to be prepared once I graduated. Due to COVID-19, my options were very limited to where I could intern. Brian_headshot.png

I kept looking for internships and resources and then one day a Greenwood Scholar and now alum, Lamar West, told me about the Greenwood Project and put me in contact with the CEO Bevon Joseph. Bevon knew little about me but accepted me as if he knew me his whole life. He provided me with resources to help build my resume, learn basic fundamentals about the stock market, and everything I needed to be successful in the financial industry. After a few conversations he saw that I was serious and dedicated and provided me with an internship opportunity I couldn’t refuse. That opportunity was an internship with the National Futures Association. I completed the interview and was selected to be an intern.

My internship with the National Futures Association has taught me how to properly analyze bank statements,complete cash modules, and has given me hands-on experience with firms from the United Kingdom to Canada. If it wasn’t for the Greenwood Project I wouldn’t have gained this experience nor have such a wonderful internship. In addition to that the Greenwood Project provided me with the opportunity to complete the Bloomberg Market Concepts course. The course has enhanced my knowledge with stocks and trading and I now own various stocks and I’m currently reading books to self educate. Overall, the Greenwood Project has worked wonders for me and I believe organizations like this are needed to help students that were never given a chance in the financial industry.