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Volunteer Opportunities
We rely on the generosity of our volunteers. We'd love to have you get involved in our programs. Here are all the ways you can participate.

Greenwood Project provides each of our scholars with a mentor as a resource during their internship journey. Our goal is that our students build a strong relationship with their mentor that can continue after our program is over. In order to become a mentor, we require attendance to one of our multiple mentor training sessions.


Greenwood Project is currently seeking individuals or teams to teach financial industry concept classes to our high school cohort. If you are interested in teaching a class, we require attendance to a teaching training session.

Program Events
To nominate a speaker for any of our panels, host a Lunch & Learn, learn more about sponsorships, or attend one of our events, please email:
Lunch & Learns

During our summer program, Greenwood Project hosts Lunch & Learn events for financial companies to introduce themselves to our college or high school cohort.

Women of Wall Street
July 01, 2016

Greenwocd Project hosts an annual panel for our scholars consisting of prominent women who have made an impact on the finance industry

Closing Events
January 01, 0002
August 13, 2021

To celebrate the commencement of our scholars, Greenwood Project hosts a closing event for both our high school and college cohorts similar to that of a graduation ceremony.

Scholar Stock Pitch
January 01, 0002
August 13, 2021

At the conclusion of our program, Greenwood Project hosts a "Shark Tank" style stock pitch for our college and high school scholars, In small groups, scholars pitch a single stock to a panel of judges. In preparation for the stock pitch event, Greenwood Project provides our scholars with a stock pitch coach to assist with this process. Ideally, these coaches will be available to assist our scholars several times a week at 4:30 PM CST through the 4-week training period. To express interest in becoming a stock pitch coach.

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