College Internship Program Application

Due February 3. Applicants will be accepted on a rolling basis and should be expected to be contacted for an interview. Final decisions released no later than February 20th.

Program Dates: June 7 to August 13, 2021

Greenwood believes that the best part of an internship is that it teaches a young person about a specific industry and company. Investing in internships helps students succeed in their first job and sets them up for long-term career success. Students who are accepted into the Greenwood Project College Internship Program will be placed into a 6-week internship experience and are required to attend a 4-week intensive training. All students are paid an hourly wage throughout their 10-week experience and receive a funded brokerage account upon successful completion of the program.

The internship program is an intensive ten-week program combining a 4-week intensive training and a 6-week internship experience.

Your 4-week intensive training will take place in downtown Chicago. However, pending COVID-19 developments, this training may be all virtual. During this training, you will work to complete two financial industry exams alongside a mentor: the CFA Foundations Certification and the Bloomberg Market Concepts Certification. While some time will be devoted to helping you finish these exams, it is the expectation that accepted students have mostly completed these certification courses before they arrive to the 4-week intensive training. The 4-week training will also include between 15-20 short courses that you will complete surrounding career skills and advanced financial industry topics. There will be many networking events and opportunities during the training as well, where you and your cohort will meet with financial industry companies, executives, and employees. The final project for your 4-week intensive training is a Stock Pitch Competition. You and a small team of other scholars will use the skills built during the 4-week intensive training to research and evaluate a company, pitch that company to potential investors, and answer questions from judges about your conclusions.

After this 4-week intensive training, students begin a 6-week internship with their assigned company. The Greenwood Project cannot guarantee specific placements, but we strive to match your background and interests as closely as possible with the available internship opportunities. This speaks to the importance of submitting an accurate, well-constructed resume for this application; as, we will use this resume to match you with the best fit internship placement for the summer. You may be assigned an internship in a city other than Chicago. If so, housing and transportation will be provided for you. Due to the ongoing global pandemic, your internship assignment may be virtual or live (with appropriate social distancing measures).

Applicants must be in attendance for the entire length of the program in order to be considered.

Our internships take place in the U.S. and require prior authorization to work in the U.S. If you are not currently a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident, please check if your school offers CPT/OPT and is willing to sponsor your internship before applying to our program.

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120 Students and 8 Firms
225 Students and 24 Firms
300 Students and 35 Firms