Introducing Black and Latinx Students To The Financial Industry
Introducing Black and Latinx Students To The Financial Industry
A few of our participating firms include
120 Students and 8 Firms
225 Students and 24 Firms
300 Students and 35 Firms

Greenwood Project's Impact

Since its inception in 2016, Greenwood Project has exposed high achieving students from Chicago's south and west sides to career opportunities within the financial industry. The number of participating firms helping to support this initiative has grown each year and Greenwood students continue to be converted from interns to full-time employees.

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Our Programs

Connecting minority students to the financial industry
Thousands of minority students are disconnected from stable career pathways in the financial industry
Greenwood Project
Greenwood Project works with companies to connect talent with opportunity

"Ultimately, my experience this summer has opened my eyes to the bevy of careers within financial services and specifically confirmed my plans to pursue trading. I am greatly appreciative of both Greenwood and RCG for making this internship as seamless as possible."

College Scholar

"This experience introduced me to various opportunities that I didn’t know existed prior to this summer, and that is the mission of Greenwood Project. Introducing academically talented youth like myself to the financial industry and the innumerable amount of opportunities there are."

HS Scholar