My name is Joi Mays and I am a rising senior at Kenwood Academy High School. I am the President of our Humanitarian Society, Cultural Appreciation club, and I am a varsity competitor for Kenwood's multi-award winning debate team. Through the Greenwood Project, I have gained more knowledge of American and overseas stock markets, and I can confidently say that the Greenwood Project has given me exposure to the financial industry which I otherwise would not have. Greenwood has helped me realize that there are endless career options for me in financial services.


I was part of the Greenwood Project Financial Institute Cohort, which meant that we visited a company a day for six weeks. We went from Wall Street powerhouses like Goldman Sachs to large international manufacturing companies like Panduit, to powerful technology-based companies like Braintree. At each company, we networked with the employees, interns, and even some of the senior leaders. It was amazing to see how many companies have diversity initiatives specifically geared towards students like myself.

The Greenwood project has taught me that there is a career for me in financial services, and with hard work and dedication to my goals, the only limits for me are the ones I put on myself.