Hello, my name is Raven Byrd, and I am a recent graduate of Harold Washington Community College, where I earned my associate degree in business/economics. I’m currently a Junior at the University of Illinois at Chicago, majoring in accounting. My career goal is to be a Forensic Accountant.

Raven at Sumo.jpg

This summer Greenwood provided me with the opportunity to intern at Sumo Capital. My experience with Sumo was great, and the environment was extremely welcoming and comfortable. While working, I was exposed to various documents that are necessary for the success of the company. Since the beginning of the internship, I was placed in the Operations Department, specifically working closely with the Accounts Receivable team. I utilized the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles that I’ve learned, which included practicing balance sheet management and reconciliations. I also acquired additional hands-on skills that school may not provide such as: working hand-in-hand with documents and comprehending what they’re used for, their importance, what certain abbreviations or numbers mean, what certain codes represent, and even enhancing my Microsoft Excel comprehension.

The business trip to New York, visiting various financial institutions, broadened my vision of what’s actually possible, and throughout the entire internship, my financial literacy has definitely increased.


The biggest thing I’ve learned through this internship is that no one knows everything. I don’t have to know everything, and companies seek students with the willingness to acquire knowledge. I’m forever grateful for this opportunity and will continue to support the Greenwood Project.