Hello, my name is Nasir Johnson I recently graduated from Morgan Park High School as an IB student with a 3.8 GPA. My extracurricular activities included playing football and being voted Vice President of my senior class. This fall I will be attending Hampton University in Virginia majoring in Finance.

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This is my first year with the Greenwood Project and I would say it was a major help. Greenwood helped students like me prepare and get familiar with the financial industry. Over the summer I learned business-oriented skills that matured me as a student and future financial executive.

This summer I was able to visit Fortune 500 companies such as UBS, Goldman Sachs, Google and many more. These opportunities illustrated how important networking is. Each company visit challenged me and my colleagues with complexed questions to gain knowledge about the day to day operations of companies such as Google and UBS. Additionally, while visiting each company I was afforded an opportunity to meet with managers, CEOs and various executives. I was able to share my interest in the financial industry. Every company was unique and presented new opportunities to learn about career options for us. At companies such as Goldman Sachs and UBS, I learned that each company has lofty standards expectations of excellence. Each lunch and learn event provided an opportunity to absorb every piece of advice from industry professionals.

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I believe the opportunities presented by Greenwood helped develop a blueprint to build my brand. During the program, I was introduced to Bevon and his team assisted me to create a LinkedIn account, create elevator pitches, and how to conduct research analysis. While doing this internship we were tasked with a five-week project involving company research and investment strategies. My group selected Amazon, the world's largest online retailer. Our research was extensive, presenting hours of strenuous studying of stock and profit analysis. Over the five weeks, my group was able to do conduct productive research and illustrate that Amazon was a great investment.

Overall the Greenwood Project was a great opportunity for me. This summer was very fruitful primarily due to networking with individuals such as Bevon, Andrew and Christian. They were able to create an atmosphere which was challenging and filled with knowledge regarding the financial industry. My newly acquired business wisdom will help me as I attended college in the fall. Lastly, I’m very grateful for this internship and hope I can be back for it next summer.

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