My name is Camron Durr, a recent graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign majoring in Finance with a minor in the Hoeft Technology and Management Program (a joint venture between the Gies college of business and the Grainger College of Engineering). Just prior to my last semester of college I was ecstatic to receive an email from the school congratulating me for graduating into one of the strongest US economies ever. Unfortunately, a few months later the coronavirus pandemic caused many of the firms I was interviewing with, to freeze their hiring indefinitely. Around the same time, I was thankful to be accepted into the Greenwood project and from the very start, Bevon Joseph, the President of Greenwood, personally assisted me in finding employment.


With the Greenwood project, I have been able to network with so many inspiring industry mavericks who have helped me to focus my career goals but more importantly have enhanced my knowledge of the finance industry in general. During this summer Greenwood has ensured that I increase my marketability by completing certifications and micro internships with extraordinary firms including the Bloomberg Market Conceptions, CFA Foundations certification, and the SIE certification. Whether it be analyzing refinance risk for mortgage-backed securities, or synthesizing long positions in stock with options, or crafting an investment thesis, I have truly learned a lot and have been able to apply many concepts I learned in school to real life. Not to mention, I've had the opportunity to do a TV interview with NASDAQ and help small businesses in the Chicago better market themselves all in the midst of a global pandemic!


With the newfound skills and network, I have gained my prospects of becoming an investment banker are infinitely greater than they would have been otherwise. In fact, Greenwood has connected me with firms who are interested in interviewing me for their company. I am truly blessed to be apart of such a wonderful program and I am looking forward to helping others the way Greenwood has helped me.