My name is Journee Lockridge, and I am a senior at Gwendolyn Brooks high school. I am President of the National Honor Society at my school, Recipient of the Chicago Cubs Scholars Scholarship, and was crowned Miss Teen Diva 2016 from a Chicago local pageant. I am very interested in studying business at either Howard University, Princeton University, or UCLA.


This past summer, I had the opportunity of interning at Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG). This internship definitely taught me a lot, helped me to transform as a person, and helped me to appreciate business more.

At Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG), I shadowed the proprietary traders, cybersecurity, the risk department, e-help, the order desk, and I had the chance to spend an entire day on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade.

My most memorable moment of interning at RCG was working with the proprietary traders and being on the floor of the CBOT. During my time with the traders and being on the floor, I learned so much about trading options and futures. I learned important terminology- such as calls, puts, in the money, and out the money, etc, I learned how to trade commodities by practicing on their trade platform simulator, and the skills that it takes to be a successful trader.

RCG has also shown me the importance of ensuring that each department of the company works cohesively and effectively, to have a successful and impactful business. Everyone at RCG was so open and willing to share their knowledge with me. I gained many new connections and a hefty list of books that will help me further my understanding of the finance industry.

At RCG, I experienced and learned about the financial industry from various perspectives. My experiences at RCG increased my love for business, and have inspired me to work harder to achieve success in the industry. I hope to continue learning about finance in college. I will be sure to take all of my notes and words of wisdom with me on my journey into the business world.