My name is Prentiss Royston Jr., and I am a junior at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. My major is Industrial Technology Management and Applied Engineering with an emphasis on construction. Career goals including being either a construction manager or software engineer.

The visit to Google was an amazing experience that I am grateful for. It gave me insight and information about the importance and the vast amount of different aspects that go into Google.


The ability of Greenwood Project to provide these trips and opportunities are significant to the development of the scholars. I cherish the time I had at Google because it is one of the companies I want to work for in the future. The Google culture is something I want to be a part of and thanks to the Greenwood Project I had the opportunity to take advantage of the tour and gain insight of what it means to work for Google. Seeing the balance of business and technology work coincide with one another was something I took from my visit.