My name is Alex Martinez, I’m entering my junior year at Arizona State University where I will be obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Business Organizational Leadership. The past three years I’ve networked, leveraged, and invested myself in several ways.


Through this journey, had the incredible pleasure of connecting with the Greenwood project, and it has truly been an inspiring as well as empowering experience that has transformed my understanding of the financial world.

Thanks to the Greenwood project, I landed a year-round internship at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

I’m currently interning at the global command center within the CME where I’ve been immersed in my role as enterprise application system entitlement. In this role I am responsible for various tasks from responding to customer issues, providing first level troubleshooting for Globex clearing, and co-location applications to assisting the lead analyst on global marketing solutions.

Along with helping the global command center process customer support cases, my role is also a key component in protecting customer security by ensuring sensitive information is captured appropriately and only distributed to authorized parties. I manage this workload with seven screens at my desk which is an experience in itself. I work as if I’m operating a spaceship and truly honored to be providing solutions at the capital of derivatives and the largest commodity exchange in the world.

The Greenwood project has given me a level of exposure that I did not know was possible. Aside from the incredible connections have been making during my internship, I was also one of the Scholars selected to travel to New York, this summer for a full week on Wall Street.

In New York, we visited several major financial firms including the CME where I was able to collaborate with teams in Chicago that correlate with teams in New York. Very few people at the CME have been able to bridge connections from New York to Chicago and I’m fortunately one of those individuals.

I’m incredibly appreciative for what Greenwood has done for my professional development. I’m very excited to continue to invest in my tech skills as well as financial skills to further accelerate the trajectory of my career.