Hello, my name is Brandy Wayne and I am an incoming Freshman at Bradley University double majoring in Political Science and Computer Science with a Minor in Spanish.


As a recent graduate, I have been fortunate enough to lead numerous clubs and organizations including President of Student Government, Captain of Robotics Club and a member of the Girls Varsity Bowling Team for three years; accomplishing this while maintaining a 4.35 GPA.

In the past few weeks with The Greenwood Project, I have gained a network of support from Google employees, Chicago mayoral office, UBS employees and Mark Sebastin, Founder and CEO of OptionPit, all of which are companies we visited during the lunch and learn series. Additionally, thanks to Greenwood, I will enter my first year of college, knowing how to analyze and critique large data and solve for compound equations using basic Algebra.

During my time with Greenwood Project, three other scholars and I were able to gain an understanding regarding stocks, bonds, balance sheets, 10K’s, 10Q’s, and learned various analytical techniques and equations to use when evaluating the performance of a company. These equations include Net Present Value (NPV), Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC), and Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM). We were given the task of choosing a stock and pitching it to potential buyers. The stock we chose and analyzed for five weeks was Disney. Before researching Disney, I did not know the many subsidiaries the company owns and how powerful they are in the entertainment industry.

I was so intrigued with this new profound information that I researched more companies and their stock value and why they were more profitable than their competitors. By participating in the Greenwood Project, I used my new found knowledge to create a brokerage account and invest in three stocks based on the companies performances in their annual reports, quarterly reports, Bloomberg reports, and Yahoo Finance.