My name is Avery Bolden. I will be starting my senior year of high school in the Fall of 2018.


This is my second year of working with the Greenwood Project. In the summer of 2017, I joined the Greenwood Project on the trip to New York. Not only was the trip an amazing introduction to the world of finance and trading, as well as an amazing networking opportunity, but the trip also cemented my interest in finance.


This year I immediately jumped at the chance to work with the Greenwood Project again and applied as soon as the website opened. I recently finished up my internship working at Option Pit with Mark Sebastian. As Option Pit is all about educating, I have already gained a large amount of knowledge during my time here. In my first week, I attended a trading summit, being run by Option Pit, that educated traders on the trading strategy, trading technologies, and trade secrets. I am currently working on a ‘long and short trades to try’ analysis with the other Option Pit intern and look forward to presenting our findings in the next few weeks.

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I am grateful for all the opportunities that the Greenwood Project has given me thus far and plan to continue using these opportunities in the future. As I’m still in high school, I hope to continue working with the Greenwood Project in the future and continue spreading the word to everyone I know about the amazing Greenwood Project.