My name is Goldyn White. I am a junior at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. My major is computer science with a minor in Mandarin Chinese. During the summer of 2016, I was lucky enough to be introduced to Bevon Joseph, and I became a Greenwood Scholar. One of my biggest accomplishments that sprouted from working with the Greenwood Project was being able to intern at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) during the summer of 2017.

My first few days at the CME were intimidating. I had never worked in such a large corporate environment. There was an indescribable pressure. There were interns there from many different backgrounds, from states all around the country, and coming from some of the most prestigious universities. Despite this all, I felt welcomed by not only the interns but by the rest of the CME staff. I made lifelong friends through the internship program, and I met mentors who really want to see me succeed whether or not I decide to work at the CME.

The CME was a place for learning which my boss made very apparent to me on the first day. I did not know exactly what I wanted to do with my computer science degree, and the CME was very accommodating. They allowed me the opportunity to be on two different teams this summer, both of which showed me two different sides of the technology division.


I enjoyed how hands on everything was – completely different from school. At CME I understood what to do, and why that particular method worked. My bosses would give me a task and I would work on it at whatever pace I deemed fit. I had to learn how to prioritize. I did not always have one thing to do at a time. If I needed help with something I was not limited in who I could ask for clarification. There were daily “stand-ups” where people would present the progress that they have made on their respective projects, receive feedback and also have time for the entire team to make suggestions on solving the problem.

There were an endless amount of intern events. On top of being fed lunch and snacks regularly, the CME interns had a Code-Up Competition, a trading competition, a Cubs game, a boat tour, and a scavenger hunt. There were community service days that we could help with, and there were different support groups that we could be a part of (kind of like clubs in school). Some of the most beneficial intern events, in my opinion, would have to be the lunch and learns where we learned about all the different departments in the CME. The CME has many different departments, so having that helped us get a grasp on exactly what they do in each area.


This testimony ended up being much longer than I initially intended, but this is just a briefing of the CME and all the things I experienced. I could write for pages all of the wonderful experiences I had there, and hopefully, I can intern there again next summer (and work there full time one day). None of this would have ever been possible for me if I wouldn’t have met Bevon Joseph. He has opened many doors for me that were once sealed shut, and he has helped make my future that much brighter.


The entire Greenwood team is doing amazing things by opening doors for more students like myself, and I can only hope that they take this chance and run with it. I hope I can be a role model to Greenwood scholars and other minority students alike. The opportunities are endless.