My name is Elijah Crump and I am a Junior at Knox College where I Major in Integrative Business and Management. I am a 2020 Greenwood Scholar, and this summer proved to be one of the most unforgettable ever. I learned about the Greenwood Project during the summer of 2019 at a Knox College Black alumni event. At Knox, I am also on the men’s basketball team and a peer career leader in the career services office on campus. I am always interested in opportunities to expand my network and gain more exposure to the business world, so I was very excited to learn about the Greenwood Project.


Before finance, my primary focus was on marketing and gaining more experience in marketing using social media, the financial industry was not on my radar. Nevertheless, soon after beginning my first few weeks with Greenwood, I began trading real money with a foundational knowledge of how the market works. I began doing research, getting up earlier to watch international markets, and soon enough, I spoke the language of the Stock Market. As I was doing research I started to realize that this is something that I enjoyed and it made me rethink my career goals. Through Greenwood, I had the opportunity to obtain my Bloomberg Market Concepts Certification and CFA Foundations Certification. One thing I have always wanted to do is give back to people who look like me and come from a similar background, and what better way than enhancing their financial literacy. I figured that I can take what I learned from finance and teach it to black and brown communities, because that’s something that we are not taught, it is something we typically have to seek out on our own. I want to be able to share my financial knowledge with kids from those communities so they are aware of the plethora of career pathways available to them.

I can say that joining the Greenwood Project was the best thing I could have done. Not only have I been enhancing my financial literacy and learning every day, but I have also been able to connect and talk with many industry leaders in Chicago and New York. Greenwood has given me the opportunity to connect with mentors in the financial industry who have become important resources for me. I worked on quite a few virtual projects this summer with Greenwood. Some of the companies I worked with included William Blair, Headwater Solutions, and the Chicago Trading company. This summer has forever altered my career trajectory. Thank you Greenwood Project!